Currently offering the largest family of projection materials in the world. High Gain High Contrast Acrylics and Films.  Winner of several Digital Signage Awards.  Offering includes Front Projection, Rear Projection and Dual sided material.  Prodisplay offers interactive films for through window interactivity. Interactive LCD bezels for and LCD TFT Players now available. Also available are the new additions of LED wall products indoor and outdoor as well as video cubes for large display walls.  ProDisplay is now offering integrated mirror rig solutions, Smart Glass or LCD Films for invisible film application on glass. Introducing Blue Screen for optimizing the performance of short throw lens less projectors. The new Sunscreen product allows for direct sunlight viewing. Conference rooms, command and control, Digital Signage to interactive touch screen technology in use on television set design and movie sets games shows. Clearview holographic screens can be projected in high ambient light environments for stunning results.

The Kirkvision Group specializes in design and distribution of interactive display boards and ongoing service programs. It has developed a line of display solutions and products that are enabled by a variety of interactive applications, on-line authoring tools and compelling business models. The patent pending display products are in use in many countries around the world, and reflect a design and utility that are in tune with sustained use across multiple business disciplines.

KSI Professional offers top quality support furniture for corporate, institutions of higher learning and government conference rooms. Whether you are involved in sales presentations, intense negotiations or basic training, KSI Lecterns and Presentation Systems Furniture are aesthetically pleasing and built as solid as a rock to meet your most demanding requirements

Tecom Electronics is a privately-owned company, established in 1996, with dynamic and advanced technological approach. Our primary agenda is to offer tailored, creative, complete and unique solutions with the most advanced, products and innovative technology that meet individual needs.The growing need and demand for multimedia presentations has led us to design and provide special solutions to various institutions who were seeking a complete solution to all lecture hall audio-visual equipment. The key requirement was for a solution that could be operated easily, would not need any lecturer training, and that would not have technical difficulties.

TechPod™ is our latest innovative product, helping lecturers to deliver a comprehensive, advanced, and rewarding lecture experience.

Tecom Electronics Ltd. holds ISO 9001:2000 certificate for its quality system. This certification is based on a demonstration of total commitment to quality. ISO registration gives our customers assurance that we have effective processes in place that are being continuously audited and improved.

Indoor and outdoor security and weather mounts enclosures for multimedia displays, projectors, cameras. Everything you need for security and protection of your multimedia assets.  Batko has supplied many of the suppliers you may have been buying from previously and is now selling to the AV systems Integration Channel and low voltage security industry direct.

INTELLIDOME Intellidome is all about next generation security and surveillance for very large commercial customers as well as state and local governments. Large venue surveillance for airports stadiums and sea ports for fighting crime and for counter terrorism. We identify technology and infrastructure gaps in our protective network and develop innovative products to fill these gaps. And such gaps exist – make no mistake about it; our present-day protective infrastructures are seriously flawed, providing neither security nor deterrence. Click the link for more information and for a demonstration call us. 949-498-5848

Intelligent Lectern Systems is building a new business in an embryonic but rapidly growing market of Audiovisual Presentation Tools, namely Intelligent Lecterns. It is the premier source for new lecterns suited for presenting, training, teaching, events and conferences.
ILS brings together successful local designs and imports new designs to market globally, achieving scale savings that were previously impossible, presenting resellers and end-users with cost-effective solutions.
Comrex has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since its incorporation in 1961. We offer POTS codecs that incorporate a 4-channel mixer (Vector) to codecs with the modular flexibility to incorporate POTS, ISDN and Wireless in one box (Matrix) to entry level ISDN (Nexus) or POTS (BlueBox) codecs. Comrex codecs provide a very down-to-earth answer to a universal broadcast need – to bring high quality audio into the studio from virtually anywhere, economically, at a moment's notice.
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An Assistive Listening System (ALS) provides amplified audio for hearing impaired people. Gentner’s system delivers clear audio to those who need help hearing. Sounds that are difficult to understand by the hearing impaired are made intelligible.

The "PD" Conditioned Power Distribution Series easily deals with normal AC line power fluctuations as well as the more drastic abnormalities of the spike and surge variety. Also, filtering of airborne interferences caused by electromagnetic and radio frequency transmissions is routinely accomplished. More sophisticated ETA models utilize microprocessor technology to regulate AC power and sequence power turn-on to reduce high in-rushes of power. For over 25 years ETA has developed, manufactured and sold high amperage theatrical lighting systems from which evolved an extensive line of rack mounted conditioned power distribution products designed to protect today's sensitive electronic, digital equipment.

Audio/Visual Furniture.Elegant, ergonomic, award-winning design—great value.
Assistive Listening Systems (ALS)transmitters, receivers and a complete selection of headphones and earbuds.